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  • Intro Promise
    Hey men, it's me Guy Flowers back from a whirl-wind tour of Miami FLA and the infamous Internext convention. Did someone just ask if I had a good time? Well, let's just say that there was no shortage in supply of men willing to spread some lotion on my suntanned back - and even some other places too. Tee-hee.......

    Taking a que from fellow reviewer, Waffle Man, I'm going to let the site briefly speak for itself: "........Twinks.com offers the LARGEST COLLECTION of EXCLUSIVE TWINK MODELS on the net. Our archives have now grown to over 100,000 exclusive photos. Our special arrangements with Miami Studios, TUPA Studios, Studio Male, Citi Boyz, Cities Photo, DNJ Studios, EuroBoys, and other top twink photographers allow us to bring you world exclusive photoshoots with the hottest twinks on the planet. The net's cutest teen-boy models premiere at Twinks.com first!!............" Well a woop dee do to you! This is a lot of talk and I hope they deliver the goods. Of course 'goods' being hot, fresh, ass.

    First Impression
    The site states that it's 100% gay owned. Let's just say that with the lack of color, originality in design, and cheap hetro style navigation, I am very suprised. But of course there is a flip-side. The flip side is that these guys are red hot! Maybe this site is gay owned afterall.......

    Our Opinion
    After searching through the murky waters of a guessing game of photo updates, I found some real nice content here. Let me just give a few worth while mentions: Ethan, you are all man baby! Billy, if you ever get stuck in that pool, give me a call and I'll give you the best mouth to mouth ever, and Lonnie, I love you sweetie! What a dream he is.....

    Anyway, as is so obvious the guys here are for the most part incredibly stunning. I haven't seen too many of these guys anywhere else either. Most sets are solo, but you will find enough hardcore to please you. Believe me, I saw enough cock sucking to settle my nerves for a few days, and the bareback is just incredible. By the way, I was at lunch the other day, and over a bowl of spinach artichoke dip Rodrigo told me his newest and most favorite term for the asshole - a balloon knot! Oh, I almost gagged - on the dip of course.

    Mmm, back to the action. I must say, I love the content. There are very few I've seen that can deliver this much and still maintain regular updates. Our only other true premium gay site, Planet Links, will find some real competition here. If I were to guess, I would say that the model count stands at about three hundred plus - despite the sites claims. But hey, I'm used to the bullshit darlings, just give me enough hungry, horny, young meat and I'll soil my shorts just fine thank you.

    The video content isn't too bad either. Mostly it's BJ action, however, if you dig far enough, you will find more. They also offer some additional feeds that may cost a bit more and even go so far as to offer video tapes. Use your own judgement here. Personally though, I've found enough action on an as is basis.

    Put a fork in me bayby, 'cause I'm done! Good content and healthy amounts of sex helped push this site to the top. As long as the content stays fresh, the resolution clear, and the sex hard, I'll stick with them - and so will you. Enjoy the twinks men!

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    (Added: 09-15-2002 User Guy Flowers )

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