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  • Intro promises
    Over 500,000 Pics Currently Online
    1,500 Pics Added Every Week
    15 Categories of Pictures
    All Images Have Thumbnails
    All Series Are Zipped for Convenience
    Extensive Searchable Model Index
    Chat Live With the Models
    All This and Much More...

    First impression
    Nice and “clean” site and with a most of all professional look, with nice design and great samples. The girls in the samples look really flashy.
    Considering all this together with the fact that KPC is one of the most famous adult sites, my expectations to this site were pretty high.

    Our opinion
    Wow, this is indeed an unbelievably huge site, you can find pretty much anything in any category.

    The main feature (hence the name) of Karups PC is the absolutely massive picture collection with loads and loads of hot girls.
    The pictures are divided into series and sorted by theme. I have no problem believing the number 500,000 mentioned in the intro promises.
    Of course it's not all about quantity, but quality as well - and even though the standard is high, it's doesn't deserve a clean 10. There is no doubt in my mind that probably nobody would be disappointed by the pictures, but a few of the series could have been in better quality and a bit higher resolution.

    But don't let that spoil the experience, there's still so many great pictures that no one could manage to download even half of them within the first couple of months - that is if you at all had enough space on your HD! So no worries - you will find oceans of pictures you'll like even though.

    You can choose between many different categories including: Amateurs, blowjob, anal, guy/girl, bondage, group and a whole bunch more.
    The girls in the galleries are young (around 20), except of course the galleries featuring older women, and far the most really good looking. The guys featured in certain sections are around the same age as the girls.

    And as promised all pictures can be downloaded as ZIP files, which makes it nice and easy to get your favorite pictures on your own HD for later enjoyment.

    There is also a movie category featuring AVI and MPEG movies that can be downloaded. The movies contains a wide variety of different scenes/themes, everything from a single cumshot or fuck scene, to a whole taping of a photo shot.
    The movies I downloaded were sized 320X240, but most of them could very well be seen in twice that size.
    Especially the newest ones are of great quality.

    And let's not forget the 3rd party material; the reason not to forget it, is that it is actually quite good. You get the following sites for free by signing up for KPC:

    ”SoCal Streams” – Teen pictures/movies, real nice - a mini KPC in itself.
    “Private Video feeds” – The real deal. Full-length movies from Private.
    “Bubblegirls” – Cute amateurs getting off, with a little help. Very nice feature.
    “Amateur Plugin” – Amateur girls first time with a camera.

    Others include Web Paradise feeds, Broadband Channels, Pornication and Las Vegas Cabaret.
    And 25 additional links can be found on the bottom of the page to live feeds, stories, magazines and games (including: VaVoom and Barely 18 Live), also free of charge... a true paradise.

    Of course that's not the reason why anybody would join Karups PC, but it's a nice variation if you get "tired" of looking at babes - if that is at all possible.

    The design and layout of Karups PC makes it easy navigating all the way around, and gives you the possibility of finding your favorite girl, by searching in the model index.
    And finally the download speed is great.

    This is a great site, one of the best I've seen.
    The picture section almost completely lives up to my expectations - the pictures come in endless amounts and the girls will make you dizzy; and for keeps. Just download the zip file with you favorite honey.

    And if you're looking for a little more live action, the movies and streaming videos, are certain to keep you up all night.
    The best thing is that it is updated almost daily, so you'll never run out of pictures and movies. What more can you ask for?
    ... Nothing!

    Credit card and Online check:
    1 Month - $29.95
    3 Month - $69.95

    Phone bill:
    30 days - $29.95

    Snail Mail:
    30 days - $30
    90 days - $60
    180 days - $90
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