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  • Intro Promise
    Ahh, sometimes there is something. Something magical, you know, that kind of thing that makes you feel all mushy inside. However there's also that other special feeling. That rock hard boner feeling you get when you stumble upon some of the hardest fuck pics around. That's right, today we're going to visit renegade Hustler and their most popular franchise to date - 'Barely Legal'. Hustler and Co. promises us exclusive content, teen archives, xxx movies, daily updates, 750,000 images and 1000's upon 1000's of pics. Now let's take these trailblazing fuckhounds to the floor and see if they can cut the mustard.

    First Impresion
    First thing first, I was hit up with a pop-up. Fuck, why? Why, why, why? They make so much money already....shit. Anyway, I'm past that now. Nice tour, nice looking site that's very easy to use. I'm actually sitting here anxiously figuring out what to do. Should I check the new content? Perhaps the movies? Hmmmm......

    Our Opinion
    Out of sight. If I were a rapper I'd write a foul mouthed song about these good people. Looking over the members area, I can only describe it as paradise. You have an easy to use members page that is essentially the same as a magazine. You have your gallery photos, films, games, etc. and it's all a click away.

    I first went to the magazine section that is basically an on-line version of the overly popular street paper. Just awesome, it includes all the models plus amateurs, minus all the ads you'd get in a regular magazine. They even archive back issues. I chose the 'exclusive' content next. Indeed. It is original. In fact it's both original and stacked with total contributions in excess of 30 photo sets. In fact all of their photos are superior. Even the work that's brought in from outside sources. Of course virtually all of this is on topic and I cannot begin to describe some of the lithe, vivacious chicks I've seen. Galleries include girl, girl/girl, and boy/girl. So far this has turned out to be worth every single cent.

    Next I went to the movies. I chose the Hustler titles first, and while it seems to lack a bit in overall quantity, it certainly makes up for it in variety and action. Obviously a majority is devoted to Barely Legal - about 25 or so red hot scenes - but they also throw some bones from their other series as well. Look for 'Mr. Beaver' and my personal favorite 'Jail Babes' for some great scenes. Most of the download time is quick, and again there is variety but not lots of content - but it is more then good enough. There's some other video stuff as well, but honestly it isn't anything you haven't seen or at least I haven't discussed in the past, so I won't even go there. By the way, when you go to the movies with Hustler, ditch the fucking popcorn and grab the lotion.

    The daily updates are also worth mentioning. Big boob pic of the day, amateur of the day and teen of the day. All original, all good.

    The rest of the site is pretty much the same old shit. Casino games, and stuff for sale. However, the good definetly outweighs the bad and this site will do you right.

    Get it, get it, get it. Oh yeah, get it. Did I say get it? Good, then get it. Finally, I'd just like to say get it. You'll thank me later.

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