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  • Intro Promise
    Happy day to you men, it's me, Guy Flowers, I'm back and I'm oh so funky feeling! Of course I'm feeling funky in the best way possible as I've just had a great time lookin' at a nice little gay site - the only kind of sites I look at - and it's called Bfcollection or Boy Fun Collection. I prefer the latter becuase Bfcollection sounds like a fuzzy little code we used to use to describe the location and going ons at a certain glory hole back in 1978. Oh, those were the days darling...those were the days.

    Boy Fun is a site specializing in young men surrounding themselves in sexual activities of all sorts. I'm going to let the site tell you just a little about what it promises: ".... Over 150,000 hot Series-Pics! Exclusive HomeGrown Movies, 500 Pics Added Every Week, 6 Categories of Images, All Images Have Thumbnails, All Series Are Zipped, Searchable Model Index, E-Zines & Live Feeds with Chat, Lightning-Fast Servers! Models All-Exclusive to Us, All This and Much More....."

    That's a lot to promise, I hope just hope these bitches deliver.

    First Impression
    Baby, these guys are h-o-t HOT! Not only are they young and dumb, but all of them are just oh so full of cum. I like the simple navigation and great color layout. And again, I love the young men! This site is yet another heaven for those who worship cock and balls hanging from the body of an 18-22 year-old slut boy. Let me dish a little something here in this review - Guy, has been stashing away loose change and dollars for a nice little trip to Thailand. Well, after seeing what I've seen here, I might just keep that money in the U.S. and buy a new leisure suit instead. In short, yes, the site is that good.

    Our Opinion
    Ok, I'm in the kitchen, and let me just say that the hot dogs are ready to be served! Teehee, I love this job! Oh shit boy....there is lots happening here. Let me start with the pics. As demonstrated on the tour, all kinds of scenarios are available, everything from outdoors to hardcore action and everything in between. Sadly, I see some models that I see pretty regularly on other sites, but there is enough variety here to keep everyone and anyone satisfied. Take a look at Chritian and Ryan, these two cuties are prime examples of being ready, willing, and able. They fuck like a couple of apes that just busted out of the zoo and found their way back to the jungle, 'ooga ooga' is all I've got to say.

    For those that like the risque outdoor photos should go no further. Take a look at precious young Alex. He's tanned, muscular and young. Nothing is better, and a plaything like Alex is only available two ways: to incredibly rich old fuckers, or newly rich lottery winners - also fuckers. Just in case I'm wrong, I'd like to let Alex know that I'm available anytime and anywhere - e-mail me sweetie.

    The number of photos and models available is just incredible. If I were to list each one I'd be here all day and sadly, the bosses just won't let me do that.

    The vid clips are great too. You'll find a sweet Asian fellow that's eager to please. The clips run anywhere from seconds to minutes, and if this doen't satisfy, then nothing will.

    The E-zines and chat are of course a snore. This is probably the only real let down. I actually tried to find some free love - which is impossible, believe me baby - here's what happened when I went to chat:

    GuyFlowers: Hello beautiful
    ManoMan:Hi Guy
    GuyFlowers:I love you! Will you love me too?
    ManoMan:Do you have tokens Guy?
    GuyFlowers:Can't you just love me? I don't have tokens, but I'll make you pasta and afterwards we can sip champagne in my hot tub
    ManoMan:Guy, you need tokens. Plus I'm probably very far away, so get the pasta off the stove, your hand in your pocket and grab a credit card

    What a little bitch he was. Anyway, I don't blame the site, I can only blame a cold hearted world.

    Ok, I've waited too long to talk about this, so just let me take a moment to share something with all of you. I know you've all been wondering why I haven't mentioned Rodrigo. Well, let me just say that as far as we're concerned, we have issues. Darlings, maybe Guy is just too good for the room, or maybe Guy is getting too old. I don't know. What I do know is that I caught Rodrigo in the midst of a slowdance at the disco with a certian somebody whose name I dare not mention. I'm sorry darlings, but I'm getting too choked up writing this. I should also note that this really isn't the proper forum for airing out personal issues, but all of you out there are like family to me. I recieve so many e-mails from all of you that I consider each and every one of you very close and personal to me. Back to the review..........

    Boy Fun Collection is just a great site. I feel like I'm important, and the reason I feel this way is because of the work they put into the members section. The site is clean, beatiful, and easy to use. Let me also say that the content is so good it makes me want to chain myself up to my own computer and never leave the desk. Until next time, this is Guy Flowers saying I love you all!

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