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  • Intro Promises

    Hello boys and Girls today I find Cloud 9 Entertainment on my
    reviewlist....let's see what they have in store for us...
    - The Highest Quality Pictures
    - The most beautiful women
    - Videos
    - Stories
    - Games
    And much more....

    Also I get promised a 30 day money back guarantee....if I don't like
    it they will give me a full refund.....now this tells me they are
    confident in providing you with Quality material....I'll drop my
    pants while I enter my login info....yeah baby...bring it on!

    First Impression

    The members area is just like the front page....it's very simple
    with very little gadgets or flashy design....but I'm not here for
    design I want to see women....and women I get.. Navigation is simple
    and the members page shows all recent updates and I see the site is
    being updated every other day and multiple items get udpated each
    time.....I'm starting to get a good feeling about Cloud 9.

    Our Opinion

    Now let's have a closer look....the thing that I notice inmediately
    is the quality of the pictures....even the thumbs are decent sized
    and crystal clear....something you won't find a lot nowadays...

    I click around and each option brings me to a page that has a thumb,
    a bio, and links to ALL other sets in which this girl appears...which
    saves me tons of time once I have found a favorite girl...great feature!
    The girls are simply jaw dropping....

    When I select a set of a hotty I see a huge selection of thumbs....a
    critical note...the thumbs are resized but not by proportion as the pics
    are not square the girls get a bit weird shapes by resizing the pictures
    to thumbs....The Full Blown Pics however are amazing...

    There are really thousands of the best pics of the most gorgeous girls
    I have ever encountered. The Video section is filled with plugins all from
    Holio...which means good but you see these on almost each and every paysite.
    It's not a feature which should get you decide to join the site.

    Girls....there is even a special section dedicated with sex from a women
    perspective....written by Kate the Guest lady of Cloud 9

    Furthermore they have a nice and wide selection of well written erotic
    stories and also tons of erotic games....


    Cloud 9 Entertainment offers the highest quality pics of truly amazing
    women....there is no doubt about this...this alone makes the site worth
    joining....The design and interface is somewhat amateur but the scans
    and pics make up for that....It's easy to navigate...impossible to get
    lost and the amount of content is more than enough to keep you busy for
    a while....

    There are clear links to contact Kate on every page, it's very easy to
    cancel your membership...no hidden stuff or fuzzy tactics...

    Updated every other day with a decent amount of fresh content I can't say
    anything less than this is a site that offers true value for money. Monkey


    Credit Card
    3 day Trial $2.95 (Recurs into $18.95 per month)
    30 days Trial $21.95 (Recurs into $16.95 per month)
    60 days $36.95 (Not Rebilled)

    Online Check
    30 days Trial $ 24.95 (Recurs into $19.95 per month)
    60 days $39.95 (Not Rebilled)
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    10 star rating

    Visit Cloud 9 Entertainment Now!
    Check out the BIG list !

    (Added: 11-28-2002 User Guest )

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