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  • Intro promises
    Massive hardcore picture galleries.
    247 premium live sex shows
    Incredible selection of XXX movies
    Huge collection of Audio/written erotica stories

    First impression
    The intro looks sleek and invitational. The page as a whole is professionally designed with tempting images as a background for the main member’s area and strict and unobtrusive style elsewhere. The navigation is not as efficient but once you are used to it doesn’t present a problem. The picture and movie galleries are organized in drop down menus making them compact and easy choose. 247sex.biz surely feels comfortable but let see now how ‘comfortable’ can it make you with it's material...

    Our opinion
    Quantity wise the page is medium but you can find a great diversity. There are 22 different picture galleries for example. Here you can find from teen softcore and hardcore to transsexual and other fetishes galleries. The quality however is disappointing; the pictures are given in appallingly small format and bad quality that can not be even saved to your hard drives. It is obvious that most of the material for the galleries is not exclusive and original, there is no homogenity in the sets or the types of models used and so on. On second look the galleries are not very well organised as photos of one genre pop up in the inappropriate gallery some times.

    There is a fair amount of movies in the movie section. Simular to the picture galleries the movies do not look exclusive. Unlike the picture galleries the diversity is not that great, mostly hardcore and softcore movies with some group action. They are given in two formats with two resolutions each (low and high) as the high quality movies can be viewed full screen and the low (a bit too low) are suitable for streaming. The movies in the “full length streaming movies” section can be downloaded in a mind blowing quality resolution. Of course this is an option only for broadband users since the files are enormous. One remark is that because the movies are chosen from a dropdown list the lack of preview thumbnails can be irritating.

    The site surprised us with the quality of its online shop and Audio/written erotica stories. The shop itself is provided by a third party vendor at www.cyberwilly.com and is huge; you can find everything for your sexual needs there, from lube to DVD's and other.

    The erotic stories both audio and video can be quite hardcore. The audio is very high quality and can be entertaining or can be simply left to play as a background to create the proper atmosphere. The text stories collection is big and covers everything from virgins to rape stories.

    We couldn’t count the live feeds exactly (they should have been 247 as promised in the intro) because they were provided by third parties as well. None the less the shows are numerous and quite good as long as you enjoy softcore. And of course you’ll need a fast internet connection.

    Finally the page give links to few friendly sites where you can find even more material and movies.

    This site is versatile and is attractive for users with different interests. Here you’ll find classical hardcore, anal sex, sweet teeny softcore warm-ups, kinky fetishes and other.

    The overall quality of its content is however unsatisfactory; the page must work more to meet a better quality/price ratio. Only the audio/written stories deserve a high grade since they are entertaining and can be great laugh.

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    30-day access - $39.95

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    (Added: 03-25-2003 User Vess )

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