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  • Intro promises
    The free tour walks you through the whole page and by the end of it you get a pretty good idea of what’s inside. It starts with a description of the sites special “Be The Mask for One Day” competition (more about it later) and goes through its entire movie collection.

    First impression
    This is not Jim Carrey in “The Mask”. This is a new, hip and very real ACTION hero. He says about himself: “By day I'm the Man Behind the Mask, photographing the most beautiful women on the planet and getting to shoot my massive loads all over their young pretty faces. At night, it's back to life before porn.”

    The site's design an navigation seem superb, the site's intro image compilation is neat and invitational. The top navigation menu is present at all times and contains the following items: “Mask’s diary”, “Episodes”, “Live chat & video”, “Contacts” and “WildonX”. The site seems small and indeed it is as we can see next...

    Our opinion
    Their “Be The Mask for One Day” competition is innovative and very interesting. Every month a subscriber is presented with the chance to star and shoot his own porn movie down in the WildOnX headquarters in Hollywood, California. And you get to wear a mask... That’s a great way to attract new subscribers by making the ultimate dream of every man come true for the lucky ones.

    While only a few will be presented with such a chance the interest of the rest of us has to be kept with a good selection of quality porn, after all you will demand that for your money.

    However the site material can be found only in the “Episodes” section containing only 12 episodes for the moment, entire 6 episodes more than “Star Wars”... Each episode is a fuck session of a particular model (or more than one) and is divided into smaller movies. The quality is average and you have a choice between two formats, Windows Media Player and QuickTime (same resolution). The movies are exclusive, hardcore material however some of the movies have very amateur look and feel. The models are all superb looking young ladies and are ready for everything. Remember: you might get to do one of them.

    Each episode has a picture gallery tied to it. The pictures are snapshots from the movies and are quite limited quantity wise.

    Because the site is tied to WildOnX the material is their trademark, this shouldn’t bother you because the movies are still original content for bethemask.com and are directed and made by The Mask himself. Furthermore you get compensation for the limited material by getting access to WildOnX.com and their sub pages (which are quite confusing though to be honest).

    The sites “Live chat & video” section is still under construction and hopefully will be online soon.

    Their competition “Be The Mask for One Day” is very tempting reason to become a member to this site, and the masked man porn star is a kinky and innovative idea but the site is lacking in content and diversity. The 12 different episodes are original and the models are superb but more episodes and better quality material and resolution will be a good idea in the future.

    We know that this site is growing rapidly and being developed as we speak, plus the supplemental material you can access from WildOnX makes it worth checking out in the future.

    7-day trail - $9.95
    30-day reccurring access - $24.95

    Credit card payment.
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