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  • Intro promises
    Over 12,000 pictures
    Over 25,000 videos
    Live sex shows 24/7
    Erotic stories, e-zines and toons
    Daily updates (sets updated weekly)

    First impression
    The front page is much like any mainstream porn-site, with the difference that various Chinese signs have been placed on the page to create an 'Asian' atmosphere. Looks promising.

    Our opinion
    As the intro promises, there are a lot of pictures and videos on the page. Or rather - there are some pictures and videos on *this* page, and a lot of them on various other pages we get access to. Unfortunately, a lot of this material has nothing to do with Asian guys, but is instead the typical porn images you can find on most pay-sites (they are divided into sections like 'gay', 'transvestites', 'fetish', and 'ethnic').

    The pictures that *are* on this page, however, are of a high quality. The guys are hot, and it's easy to find more images of a particular model. All of the images are posted in sets, like snap-shots from a one-man porn-movie/strip show, and the guys all have a line or two with their own comments.

    But while the pictures are good, they are very similar - all but one of the sets feature only one man doing whatever a guy can do by himself. The only thing that changes is the surroundings - a bed with teddy bears, a shower, an ordinary living room. There aren't that many different sets, either, and you might lose interest after a while.

    The live sex-shows are like any other live sex show on the Net, and the same goes for the sex-chats. The games are also the common sex-games, although there are a lot more of them than usual. They have everything from strip poker to a game called Asstroids, which is kind of a shoot-'em-up game with half-naked women.

    One of the things that is a bit unique for this page is the large number of e-zines it links to - cartoon-sex, penis-enlargement, gay magazines - the list of magazines is long and worth a look.

    The page promises daily updates, but I'm not convinced. Maybe they update the links or the third party pages are updated, but not something noticeably. The sets, however, are updated weekly like promised.

    The pictures are good, even if they are very alike. The third party pages are good, even if they have little to do with Asian guys. Is it worth the money? Unless you are really obsessed with Asian guys, it's a lot of money to pay for a page like this. It's not the best of pages, but it must be noted that it's certainly not the worst, either.

    But if you have an Asian itch that needs to be scratched, then Young Aisan Guys is a possibility to consider.

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