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  • Intro promises
    Hot young twinks
    Thousands of xxx images
    Softcore pics, hot, stiff young lads posing
    Hardcore pics, ass-reaming caught on film
    Exclusieve shoots, you wonīt find anywhere else
    Amazing erotic stories

    First impression
    All kept in cooler colors like white, black and blue. Quite a few young, good looking and naked, guys showing pretty much every inch of themselves, and how they are able to use those inches... looks promising. Really nice! Once inside I have my choice of a teen photo gallery, the TWYM cyberfold, Hot erotic stories personal ads and two types of live cameras: Gay Watch and Spy Boys.

    Our opinion
    I start off with the teen photo gallery. It starts off with 15 pics of young guys, either alone or kissing another guy. Most of them are fully dressed, and none of them are showing nearly as much as the ones on the start page!! Hmm, oh well, thereīs still 33 more indexes, perhaps it will improve. Nope, index 2 is pretty much the same. Whatīs that you say? Click on the pics? But that doesnīt say anywhere that I should click on the pics! OK, Iīll try... Hey, now the guy is taking of his clothes, one pic at a time. During the 102 pics in the index he manages to get undressed, take care of himself, cum and get fully dressed again... pretty impressive.

    Having found out how it works, with the help of a bystander, not from the site itself, I move on to the TWYM Cyberfold. Iīm sent to a new site. Apparently TWYM Cyberfold is "The Webs Youngest Men". It tells me that this is the January 2003 issue, and dares me to enter if I got the balls. I think I do, so I enter. In here I can get it all. Apparently my long, hard search is over, and what is it that I have been searching so hard for so long? Itīs free screen backgrounds, The hottest photo gallery, a chance to e-mail the hunks that gets me hottest and live hunks doing strip shows 24 hours a day. I take a look around, but all I can find is the gallery, the backgrounds, the voyeur cam and a link back to the main page. Now Iīm not review the "The Webs Youngest Men"-site, so I decide to go back to teencocks.com. That is just not possible from this site, so I start over; type in the address, the login...

    Finally Iīm back on track, and I head for the erotic stories. I pick the first one on the list. Whoa!! Whatīs going on here? Now I donīt mind foul language at all, but I do mind when itīs spelled so poorly that I have to guess what many of the words were meant to be. I get dizzy and go for another story. Much better! These are not loooong stories that go on and on and on and on before they get to the erotic parts. These are short stories that immediately go for the kill. I like that :-) Moving on.

    The personal ads... now Iīm not looking for anything, but I think Iīll just have a peep to see whatīs going on in there. Cool, I can find all kinds of combinations of people looking for people, i.e. gay couples seeking men, bi couples seeking men, men seeking couples, groupstuff etc. And I can combine that with different kinds of relationships from erotic chat or email to sadism & masochism and other "alternative activities. Throw in an age-range and country and I should be on the go. But Iīm not looking for anything, so...

    Iīll go on to the live hidden cameras. I go for Gay Watch and choose Stud of the Month. Heīs 33 years old... a bit old for a teen, isnīt it. Oh well, heīs kinda cute. Hey, thatīs just a pic and a bio, NOT a movie, whereīs the live stuff? Searching... searching... Found it, in the video gallery, where else. I choose the one with the Stud of the Month again. Waiting for it to load... waiting... now I have a very fast connection, so this shouldnīt take long... right... still waiting... Ah, and now 7 minutes later, theres a picture, and another one and another one. Itīs jumping, skipping sequences, grainy and not all that impressive. Iīm outta here!

    Back at the main page, I find a questionaire. Letīs take a look. Apparently they want to know what you like best in order to keep this site up to standard. Plain ordinary questions like what do you prefer: Video or pics? How often would you like this site to update? How would you rate this site? And so on and so forth. Iīve seen pretty much the whole site now, and itīs OK, but Iīll still let it go...

    It is an OK site, but no more than that. The site is pretty fun the first time, but the only reason for me to go back would be the erotic stories. They pull up a lot, once you find one that has been spell checked, that is. The servers are slow, the videos are grainy, but the pics are fine. In total, I think Iīll rate this site OK, but no more!

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    Original Review by Kathrine K from   http://adultreviews.net

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    (Added: 03-25-2003 User Kathrine K )

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