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  • Intro Promise
    Hey y'all, this is the Waffle Man informing you that one of our irregular contributors will be helping out with todays review. Guy Flowers will be manning the helm - literally - with his review of Chisel.com, Ok Guy, take it away.

    Men, hello! It's me Guy, with a review of a site that promises all kinds of butter love. Chisel is the site for lovers of men. Chisel promises quite the variety, asian men, bears, blacks, skaters, and more. All kinds of pics are promised, not to mention vids and a personals section. Come on guys, let's go to the sausage buffet!

    First Impression
    The members section is a sexy jet black that's very easy on the eyes. I swear some of these guys look like bona fide Calvin Klein models. I like the dancing weenie in the corner, and I also like the fact that the site is simple to use. OOOh, they have a celebrity section too.

    Our Opinion
    Any fan of sexy men will have a field day with this site. Many of the featured men are top quality models and will be familiar to any true fan. The 'New Pic' section is listed left to right and they include superstuds that will really blow you away - no pun intended. Amounts of sets and photos vary, however, the quality of the pics make up for any content shortage. The average model has about 3 to 4 sets with about 15 - 25 pics in all. Most shots are solo, however you will find some man/man as well as masturbation and B.J. pics.

    The videos are great too. Mostly short clips running 30 seconds to two minutes, they display these men in all the glory that makes super studs...well, studly. Some memorable video clips include the gorgeous and playful Johnathan, as well as a delighful clip starring Michael. This is better then candy canes on christmas.

    The rest of the site has two important segments: the personals and celebrity shots. The personals section is actually a great way to men outside of the computer world. I'm sure Don is happy he met me. The celebrity shots are eye-openers.. I would usually make some sort of snide comment, assuming they would be fakes, but when you have Burt Reynolds in the mix, well it's a true bonus. Other bonuses include some real harcore imagery that I should let chisel sell all on its own.

    Chisel also has a decent library of erotic stories. They range from the cheating boyfriend all the way to gangbangs. There is a message board as well as a nice FAQ page. What really stands out is the personal touch. I really feel that this site is consumer oriented, and with that I should point out the constant updates. What makes their updates unique is that they're honest and constant. This is yet another feature you won't find on the tour page. This has been a pleasant suprise indeed.

    Join this site if you love good looking men. The men may not be exclusive, but alot of the pictorials are hard to find and the quality is great. It's a hardcore site, but it doesn't pretend to be an over the top company that can't deliever. Awesome download speed and overall good value makes this a site that's hard to beat - teehee. Finally, this is Guy saying 'bye for now!'

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    Original Review by Guy Flowers from   http://www.adultmonkey.com

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    (Added: 09-23-2002 User Guy Flowers )

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