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  • Intro Promise
    Hey everybody. Today you're in for quite the treat as we're about to meet the lovely Desirae and watch her at her new site, Naughty At Home. I'm going to skip the usual intro mumbo jumbo and instead lift a quote directly from her site: "....... I build and maintain this site entirely on my own. I hope you enjoy the selection of pictures and movies I have added so far. There will be many more to come. I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions regarding the site and will be receptive if you contact me........"

    {What a great idea. Webmasters take note: the above quote is a great way to make your customers feel important. This helps build a better reputation for you and it will also help your business with long-term growth and retention. - Ed.}

    Did I mention how hot Desirae is? She's fucking smoking man. Did I mention how incredibly hot her firm boobies, tight round ass, and wonderful legs are? Did I mention the fact that she is 100% wonton? Let's see how well her vixen like qualities transfer over into the world of pay-per-spunk.

    First Impression
    Simple site with nice colors and a navigational system that's just too easy. In fact, if you're too stupid to figure it out, she gives you instructions on how to use it you dumb ass. Ok, now let's see what Desirae will do for us. She has pictures, she has videos, she has friends, she has bonus clips, and she'll even cam for you. Not too shabby. Once again, I must tell you that she is red fuckin' hot.

    Our Opinion
    This is a great site that makes me feel very hard. Whoa, what did I just say? Let me try that again. This is a great site that makes great use of a beautiful woman. Alright, got it that time. Desirae is a youthful blonde that sports a body that is absolute TNT. Starting off with her pics, we're treated to a dazzling display of photo sets that include solo action, toy play, girl/girl pics that'll leave you so wiped out that you'll need a nap in order to recoup, boy/girl, and some very light bondage. In all, a nice variety of photos that also rings with quality and vivid color.

    I must tell you that after viewing the pics I had to take a quick break. That quick break consisted of eating two bagels and taking a three hour nap. After that fiasco of an afternoon, I went to her 24/7 cam. Sadly, she wasn't around. After that I went to her other cam. Need I say? Ok, no dice, she wasn't there. I've got to say that I don't mind as I've never trusted cams anyway. No offense to her or anyone else that uses them, but I just can't stand the little egg shaped fuckers.

    Next on the line-up was the movie section. I watched an eight minute fuck scene that was titled 'Carpet Fuck' or something like that. I'll be honest and tell you that once the hardcore action began I lasted all but thirty seconds. I was, and still am, embarrased. I actually apologized to my monitor for my pre-mature ejaculation - if anything says to get out of the house more, it's this - and after that I quickly ran to bed for another nap. I can tell you that this review has been one of the most physically demanding ever.

    All of her clips are well recorded and have an above average length of five minutes (usually more). She has a fast growing library of scenes that include actual webcam scenes. Fans of lesbian action will be whacking away with sheer delight as every concievable lesbian position and toy is brought into play including a strap-on. She's also made room for the ass fans too. Can anyone not squirt their trousers instantly with just the thought of a butt-plug - or anything else for that matter - violating her ass? I can't and it cost me more time away from work as I had to rest yet again.

    The sex machine known as Desirae also spotlights some of her friends. One is named Raven and she's also a hotty. She hails from my hometown of L.A. and now lives in the same city as I do, Las Vegas. Maybe I'll call her sometime and see if she wants to grab a bite to eat. Perhaps a banana and two apples? I'm so funny. Anyway, her friends also own websites and I'm sure they'd like you to visit them. In my opinion, they're no match compared to Desirae, and until we've reviewed their sites, I'd just stay put with NAH.

    Plug-ins are a portion of NAH that you will use when you are just looking for a moment of seperation, because like I've been saying, she'll wipe you out and you'll eventually need a break. The plug-ins she offers are decent as compared to most. The best titles include Dirty Old Man and Sweet Loads.

    She has a journal that proves hands-down she is willing to share everything and anything with you. And I quote: ".........Hmmmm................................let me see, ................my bush is almost totally grown out! As you know I shaved it off a while back, now it is back in all its glory. You probably didn't want to hear that did you?? Well it is a neat little triangle, which looks very cute. I need to work out more, I have been sitting in front of my computer too much and not enjoying things outside. It is pretty hot in Florida though, I can blame it on the heat I guess........." { I just trimmed my ball hairs, wanna see? - Ed.} Fuck I was in Florida recently. Where the hell was she?

    In all, she has a top flight site with superior content and I really think we'll be hearing a lot more from Desirae in the future.

    If I may lift a snipet from a very famous quote: "....for the people and by the people...." Indeed, Desirae is one of us. There shouldn't be a doubt in your mind as to who Naughty At Home was made for. It's all about you dear reader. If you have any doubt at all, take a look at the site and really ask yourself if you're looking at the same ol' same ol', or are you instead looking at something that's been created for people that want fresh new content served with a personal touch. Naughty At Home is for people just like you and me. Afterall, she's a sex freak just like the rest of us. Nice site and best of luck to you Desirae.

    P.S. - Pay close attention to her rates, she has a deal that looks like it's too good to be true!

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