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  • Intro Promise
    Today is a good day. I'm reviewing a great company that has brought me much joy in the past - albeit in a different format - and both guts and balls tells me it will remain a great source of pleasure. The company is Home Grown Video and the site is aptly named HomeGrownVideo.com

    Instead of my usual cut and paste of a sites aim and promises (or bullshit as it turns out to be most of the time), I'm going to instead share with you some information that was sent to me and you can be certain that it was all verified. Home Grown has been putting together amateur compilation tapes since 1982. The amount of amateur content found on Home Grown is matched nowhere. Home Grown has helped launch the careers of several porn stars including Anna Malle (before the big titties, yet still too horny for the room), the ever beautiful Sylvia Saint, Stephanie Swift, and asian vixen Kitty Yung. They've also created some pretty familiar titles such as Horny Over 40 and College Coeds. If you haven't seen these titles or the Home Grown line at the very least, you are really at a loss.

    That's Home Grown in a nutshell. I just hope it all translates well on-line.

    First Impression
    Nice site with lot happening.You'll find all the sites categories listed on the left side of the members home page. As you move about the site, you'll find that the navigation bar moves to the top right. It's a reasonably easy site to navigate, but it just looks too busy and crowded.

    It only took a second to figure out why the site seems too busy: the amount of content is simply mind blowing. You'll find well over 750 picture sets and an incredible 550 plus video library. The site is not just limited to pics and vids, you'll find other features like erotic stories, webmaster rants, contests, reader opinions, webcam options, and much more. Yes it's busy, but it's a good kind of busy - and I like it.

    Our Opinion
    I'm more than impressed. If you're like me, and that means being a real fan of amateur content - as well as being a horndog in general - than you've found your paradise. The site is loaded from top to bottom with all kinds of home made porn. One of the reasons I love amateur porn is because it's real and they do it because they want to. The business aspect of sex on film is not an issue when you watch these videos. Remember, these are ordinary people doing something incredibly wonderful, and that's getting busy on camera for the world to see. For the most part, the videos are of everyday people. You'll find plump housewives, asian college girls, mature soccer mom types, interracial couplings and just anything else your perverted mind can come up with.

    Something that you need to keep in mind and learn to accept is the fact that not every video is of great quality, or even decent quality. Most of the vids have been the creation of two people and a tripod and that's what I love about it. Everything you get is genuine and that alone makes an inferior image crystal clear.

    As far as content goes, let's just say that the greater your eye for variety, the better the time you'll have. The search engine, which is the best and easiest way to look for content despite the other tools provided - will deliver the goods on any given subject ranging from TV's and bondage to group sex and toy play. You name it and they've got it. The running time on most scenes is about twenty minutes. Of course the player allows for a simple fast forward, reverse or pause. I particularly enjoyed all the latinas the site had to offer. I was given enough material to keep me busy for days and days.

    Pictures are also found to be in great supply. Most of these pics are available in video, but I must say that these photos are of a very good quality and most sets are far more explicit and expansive than most photo based sites on the net. You can also filter what you're looking for by choosing specific topics that are listed at the top of the page.

    I also checked out the erotic stories. I'm happy to note that they seem original and not just the usual plug-in garbage you get on nearly every other site. The members forum happens to rock as well. I've never seen a porn pay site with this much action on the boards. It's fucking incredible and just goes to show how much interest this site generates. The rant section seems a bit out of date though. I think the last update was during the last U.S. Presidential election.

    The site also offers daily updates. Updates include new videos and photo sets. I should also note that Home Grown offers lots of web cams. I'm not exactly sure if it's free or if only some of it is free. Just like I say in all of my reviews: use caution with the cams and chat. Also, beware of links. You'll find a few sections that'll move you to another pay-site, so lookout. If you want to own a DVD or VHS copy of any given title, an on-line store is available.

    There is one thing that I've noticed about Home Grown that makes it rise above all others - customer commitment. The site is customer driven and you can see that everywhere you look. You'll see constant site updates, new features, webmaster participation on the boards, fun contests with prizes, polls, and easy access to site management. If all that isn't enough, just look at all the content, they hold nothing back and they're always looking for new material. This site is a must for any fan of sex and especially a fan of reality. Home Grown is a real breath of fresh air and I suggest that you go and see for yourself. Happy whacking!

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