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  • Intro Promise
    Holy shit frat brothers, let me cut the blather and get right down to the skinny. So Cal Coeds is the shit. I know this is only the intro promise, so I'll just leave it be for now. The site offers no unbelievable bullshit promises, instead they give a quick preview of some new talent, let me quote: ".......Linda here was one sexy blonde and we couldn't believe our eyes after we saw her. She was very interested in shooting with us for some extra money. We asked her what she needed the money for, she said partying and school. We said fair enough and started shooting. She just did pictures at first and then she decided she wanted us to shoot her on video sucking cock and fucking! We said sure, in the end she got $450 for a job well done!!!......." That's what it is, girls fucking for money. Brilliant.

    First Impression
    If I were to have my own site, I'd have navigation just like these people. It's kick ass fast, easy to use, and very clean. All updates and important info is found on top and all else is accessed by simply scrolling down. Models are both alphabatized and segmented by such catagories as ethnic, big busted, girl/girl, etc. It's an incredibly well done site and with a background image that features each and avery California college pennant it just fucking rocks! I'm gonna jack-off to the navigation alone, shit man, what's wrong with me? Can the rest be as good as this? I sure as hell hope so.

    Our Opinion
    I'm enrolling! So Cal Co-Ed models are 100% exclusive and they're all as cute as a button. I lost some bodily fluid to a red hot latina named Estefana. She had a nice pic set that included a nice fuck session with uber porno star Dick Nasty. They work the b.j., some nice multi positioning and it all climaxes with a super facial.

    If you like solo, then have a looksie at a cutie named Autumn. She's a brunette that has perky firm tits and a mouth built especially for penis holding. Fuck, they even have a few asian hotties that get naked, have a little touchy feely, then get screwed until next semester. Ahh, it's fucking great.

    They also have a nice variety of videos. They are good, but not great. The vids include the typical interview/strip, some offer b.j., and even a few go all hardcore. I like them, I yank to them, but they aren't what the sites all about. This is really a pic site. The color and quality in each and every image is just superb.

    You'll also find a few plug-ins. They include alot of typical Holio style bullshit. They suck. The picture plug-ins however offer something very different and unique - good images. They're all teen oriented and on par with So Cal's original content. The only difference is that these models are not exclusive, but hey, it's a freebie and you might as well enjoy it for what it is.

    If you don't join for at least a month and sample the sites stable of sixty plus modles, then you might as well just drop out. With women that are pretty, real, eager, and horny, it's really like living college life all over again. If they had a little more content and I'd say it's even better than Barely Legal. But since it doesn't, I can't say that. I will say it's worth 10 bananas and very much worth your time. Blow a wad and kick back!

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    01 Month $35.00
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