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  • Intro Promise
    Hola mi amigo's, it's me, Guy Flowers the legendary lover! I just got through one last dance at my local disco club with Rodrigo. That little doll - well, not that little - of mine gave me a lift home, and just when I thought it was night-night time, along comes an e-mail with a new review.

    The site is Club Twinkie and it's tailored made for men like you and me. Club T promises all kinds of hardcore action with plenty of pretty boys aged 18 to 22. This site is also owned by the good people of Twinks.com. Now, if you read my Twinks review, than you'll know how much I enjoyed it. Let's see if the all hardcore site is just as hard....oops, I mean good..same thing I guess.

    First Impression
    Well, take it from me men, nothing tops of an evening better than a slew of hard cock. This site has a layout that makes me want to puke roses, but aside from that I love all the wonderful penises on display. One let down though, there are no videos. Well, I hope the pics compensate.

    Our Opinion
    We have about 66 sets of pics. All are listed and give titles to our hunky stars. It's great to see that it's one hundred percent hardcore baby, there is no denying that. But at the same time, it's sad to see that many of the performers are used again and again.

    Oh this is so stressful darling. In some ways I love all the young men and the varied races. All kinds of dick is here including black, white, asian and latino. Yummy, "what kind of dick on a stick would you like sir? We have vanilla, chocolate, banana, and my favorite - coffee!" Oooh, could you picture me in a cute little ice cream man suit? With the little white paper hat pushed to the side....tee-hee. Anyway, it's just so, so stressful because too much of the site relies on the same young men. The dick licking and butt-fucking is good, but......

    If they at least had some clips I could understand. But pahleeze baby, a man like me needs variety, a cock buffet, to please my appetite. Seriously, let's not beat around the bush here...no, not bush, that's for the other guys.....let's not beat around the cheeks here, we want lots of men! If I want to pay a membership and I want to make love to myself every night, than I need a selection.

    Well maybe it's me, maybe I'm just a selfish bitch. No, I don't think so. I may be a queen, but I'm a fair one. You the consumer deserve better. If anything this site should be free with your membership to Twinks.com. They could even charge a little bit more, but not charge you full price for this. That's not right and it just makes me so angry I could pout.

    Listen men, get with a better site when you want to make love to yourself. If you're going solo, do it with the best. I suggest Planet Links or Twinks. If you're totally interested in all hardcore than try this out on a trial basis. I'll say this much: you have plenty of cock sucking and lots of butt-fucking - just only with the same people - and no clips! I hear Rodrigo calling now, so I have to go and get to work...good luck mi amigos!

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    Original Review by Guy Flowers from   http://www.adultmonkey.com

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    (Added: 09-23-2002 User Guy Flowers )

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