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  • Intro promises
    Mature magazine cover girls and centerfold supermodels - over 40 - plus ripe, leg show and 44+ bust.
    Thousands of high-quality photos by renowned adult magazine photographer Jay Russell, plus over 100 special high-resolution collector's edition photos.

    First impression
    There's a very prominent copyright notice on the opening member's page - this site is clearly owned by someone who wants to enforce copyright! Then comes a list of disabled subscriptions - as service to members who have submitted a wrong email address etc. when joining the site.

    Now comes the member's log-in page. There are frequent updates, listed under an update menu accessible from the member's home page, stories and dozens of high-quality movies, also accessible from this page.

    Our opinion
    From the member's home page you can choose between photos, stories, movie clips or video feed - the video feed however is currently disabled due to a legal dispute not related to Foxy 40.

    You choose a model from the alphabetical set list (50 model image list). This then gives you vital statistics and other information about the model and a pull-down menu lets you select a gallery that contains a dozen shots. Some gallery pages are marked 'offline' in this pull-down menu; they can't be accessed. Site owner Jay Russell explains that this is because no model has more than 72 shots (plus any high-resolution images) online at any one time; an 'old' page is removed if a new page is added, until all the model's photos have been shown. Then a new offline/online cycle starts.

    High-resolution images are indicated by a black box on the page containing the thumbnails - clicking on the box opens the image. Unfortunately there are way too few high-resolution pictures -- why not make them all high-resolution instead of 400*600? That is the explanation for the poor content score. It is clear that a lot of work is put into these few hi-rez images available, and that they are regarded as some kind of collector's items. However I still think it would be nice with some more hi-rez images of the mature ladies instead of just 1 or 2 out of a whole gallery of perhaps 25 images.

    At first I thought that there was some image duplication among the sets. However it turned out the images are not displayed consecutively. Instead a selection of images from the same shooting is shown in each gallery.

    The model's pull-down menu allows you to get back to the member's home or elsewhere in the overview menu available at that page, e.g. to the movies overview page.

    Many of these mature amateurs are mothers or family women and some have been featured on the cover of e.g. Over 40 magazine. They're what the site owner calls 'mature girls next door'. However, some are professional dancers or work in brothels.

    The photo sets are softcore - women in various stages of undressing and in diverse poses - but there is some fingering as well. There are four pages of mainly masturbation (to orgasm using finger or dildo) or blow-job movies to choose from. They cover ten models and about 30 movies, many of which are available in several screen size alternatives.

    The pictures and videos are all 100% original and exclusive, and is not to be found anywhere else on the web.

    Mature women can and do have lovely bodies and are willing to display them, as this site shows. While the photo sets are softcore, the movies are more hardcore. But you should go elsewhere if you're looking for real hardcore action among mature people.

    [Review edited due to various inaccuracies 02/20/03.]

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