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  • Intro promises
    High quality picture content
    Adding new material every day to bring you the best porn site you can imagine

    First impression
    The simplicity of the navigation is overwhelming. Hop on to the membersí page and you are up and running. The girls are lined up, just waiting for you to click. No bullshit here.

    Our opinion
    When you get on to the members page you will find it easy to navigate round the site, the pictures load fast and are of a fairly good quality. The various girls each have their own picture gallery, you simply choose which girl you would like to see. While looking through the different galleries I noticed that a lot of the pictures looked alike and the photographer obviously didnít have too much imagination, when arranging the sets. Thereís a lot of sucking going on and not too much fucking. Disappointing or not, they still have nice girls. Look forward to seeing the pictures where Jill rips off her panty hose so she can get to masturbating, thatís a real hoot Ďn a holler.

    Oh and by the way, I really donít like seeing girls rubbing kitchen utensils against their private parts, donít know about you. Even so the girls look good. None of them really look fake, having had plastic surgery or anything the likes of that. They look like ordinary girls you could find at your local disco Ė if youíre lucky that is! When getting a membership to eurobabez.com you also get access to three other sites; sexy-babes.tv, babesuk.com and dreambabes.com, so it probably wouldnít be a problem getting your needs taken care of. If you want to see some live footage youíll have to go to eurobabez.comís partner amsterdamlivexxx.com for some fun. Eurobabez promise daily updates but I doubt anything really exciting would happen. As a finishing note I would like to congratulate the webmaster for not bombing me with those infuriating pop-ups. One annoying thing though, is that my browser is automatically maximized when I enter the site... Not exactly the kind of welcome you'd wish.

    Surely the site lived up to its promises, telling us that they would give us high quality pictures. And the pictures are astonishingly great and the girls incredibly hot! But I still think the pictures were a bit bland and they didnít really get my juices going.

    Paying $19.95 for just this one site would be kind of expensive, but fortunately, with a membership you also get access to the three other sites as mentioned before. Did they bring me the best porn site I could imagine? Hardly. But what they give me was a big smile on my face.

    1 Month: $19.95
    6 Months: $100.00

    They accept credit cards (Paycom.net, IBill, CCBill), pay pal, and payment by check.
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