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  • Intro promises
    The hottest party flasher site on the web
    Tons of drunk and wild girl photos
    Hot video footage of out of control girls
    Behind the scenes hot hidden cams
    Exclusive candid party scenes

    First impression
    The opening page brings you a choice of Naughty & Wild pictures, with 15 theme galleries and some 38 theme video sites, plus today's hot features, what's new, live shows and extras. There's quite a lot to take in.

    Our opinion
    Clicking on a theme gallery takes you to that gallery overview containing 20 galleries each; the title and the number of pictures in each gallery are shown. Clicking on one of these opens the gallery, which is then spread over a number of pages.

    The next and the previous page in this gallery can be accessed here, as can the next and the previous gallery, which makes navigation easy. But you can only get back to the overall gallery overview by backspacing or by going to the home page and then forwards.

    Most shots at the Naughty & Wild gallery have been taken at Spring Breaks, Mardi Gras and similar festivals and parties. They can therefore include audience reactions to the girls stripping, dancing, partying and otherwise performing, and the wet tee-shirt competitions they often involve.

    Considering the conditions that the pictures have been taken under, the quality is good. The Exclusive Teens gallery opens an alphabetical image list (spread over several pages) of the 140 or so models featured. Clicking here opens the relevant gallery of softcore poses in various scenarios (bedroom, couch, gym, car washing; beaver shaving); there are about 30 shots in each set. Gallery and thumbnail loading is quick, and the big images available load equally quick. Picture quality is generally very high.

    The Solo Girls gallery lets you choose from known and lesser-known porn models in softcore photo sets, with about 100 images in each gallery. Your favourite porn model's probably here.

    The Feature Hardcore series - with boy-girl, girl-girl and multiple models - lets you choose from sets taken from October 2000 to date (with several sets a month), listed by image and month. There are 4-5 pages in a set, with up to 25 pictures on a page. There seems to be about everything here - sucking, fucking, licking, anal tonguing, dildoing, facials. Here you can also select hardcore videos featuring a number of the models. A number of the theme galleries are links to other galleries - which means that you may meet a site that bills for access to its content.

    There is a wide range of videos, from softcore to hardcore, featuring boy-girl, girl-girl and multiple models, available via the theme video menus. Here you can choose from many clips - but you can't see what you get until it's played. That's something of a drawback. But you can also access stills from the videos, so it's perhaps best to check these out first before downloading a clip.

    Wow! There's so much to see here that a brief visit isn't enough.
    Although the site has its starting point in girls going wild at parties, most of the content is sets taken under better conditions, with better quality as a result. Consequently, the quality of the thousands of photos and videos is quite high. While the pictures might live up to the name "Naughty and Wild", not a whole lot of the content is neither about girls going crazy at parties as we were promised in the tour nor original and exclusive.

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    (Added: 03-25-2003 User Woolley )

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