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  • Intro promises
    Mature women from 30 to 85.
    Weekly updates on pictures
    1000's of exclusive pictures.

    First impression
    When you have entered the site you are met not by sparkling and colourfull popups, pictures and banners but instead presented in red, blue and white a nice and calm site on which you can easily find your way around.

    Our opinion
    The site offers different features. Of most importance are the picture gallery and the video section.

    The pictures gallery presents an impressive number of pictures ordered in different categories of mature or old women (old, mature, pregnant, black, fat, fetish etc.) so you can easily find what you are looking for. The amateur gallery, is the only section where you can find girls under the promised age. If you aren't satisfied with the traditional pictures there is a fetish section, which includes whips, S&M, transexuals and body piercings.

    The gallery as the rest of the site is of a decent quality but is not offering anything special.

    The video section is not as nice arranged as the picture gallery, but once you have found your way around it is possible again to see all kinds of women in general and not special or spectacular live recordings. A part of the video section is pay per minute (10 cent).

    Vixen Vets also offers a free sex radio to which you can listen while working your way around the site.

    If you are getting tired of pictures and videos and want to use your imagination a little bit more. The section "Erotica" includes lots of stories.

    It is easy to make your way around this site that puts all its energy in presenting mature women from all over the world but primaly from Europe and between 35 to 80 years old and not much else. The site is decent, but is not offering anything extraordinary. So if you are into mature women, this is one of the places to be, but not a must-see in any way.

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    1 month $29.99
    3 months $65.99
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    6 star rating

    Original Review by Kaare K from   http://adultreviews.net

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    (Added: 03-25-2003 User Kaare K )

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