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  • Intro Promise
    Me so happy! Me so horny! You may be asking yourself, "why does Waffle sound like a Vietnamese street ho?" well, that's a good question and it deserves a good answer. The reason is because I'm reviewing yet another site in the Bang Bus aresenal. Today I'm gonna talk about Older Women. Yes baby, me so horny! If you know anything about me, you know how I feel about mature ladies. They are simply the best. The site, like the others in this great kingdom of porn, promises only the best raw talent available weekly. I can't wait to tell you all about it. OK, zip it up and let's go.

    First Impression
    Same layout as the other sites, everything runs top to bottom with your newest features listed first. There are forty clips at the moment that utilizes the excellent and skilled slutiness of fifteen models. You're able to watch the clips in either windows, by downloading, or in a streaming fashion. Of course you also have the option of wanking via pictures, but only dorks do that. Shall we continue?

    Our Opinion
    I'm going to get down to brass tacks. Some men have an anal attitude towards cigars, others go ape shit for wine. Me? I get heavy when it comes to content. That's what I love about these guys, they deliver the goods. Even though the site only has fifteen models at the moment I know it will grow. You gotta look at it this way: would you rather have fifty played-out already seen, outdated hookers, or fifteen high-octane charged mature nymphos that just don't give a fuck? I choose the latter as I'm sure you do too.

    The models are excellent. Older Ladies offers a fine mix of women in a variety of situations. The first lady I checked out was the buxomy Samantha. She had some of the nicest knee knockers I've seen in a long time. Gravity may have taken a toll, but she still looks good. Her scene consists of some minor dildo play, some self-massage, and lots of blonde tit play. Awesome action especially considering the sites mostly soft-core imagery.

    Next up was a blonde 30 something cutie named Karen that took a ride on our old friend 'Mr. Sybian'. She actually appears in two scenes, but this was my favorite. She starts out shy, but once she gets the vibrating cock up in that cooch of hers it's all uphill. Great scene that - like most - lasts about fifteen minutes. I actually prefer that length, gives enough time for action, and enough time to spurt.

    As mentioned above, the site is mainly solo work. Lot's and lot's of masturbation, posing and bath clips. However, there is one scene. One scene with a hero. A hero named Coco. Coco is a very well-endowed black female of about forty years that is hotter than a pistol. She appears in about three scenes, but the one you need to look out for is her B.J. scene. It starts out in typical 'Bang' fashion, you know, the drive-up chit chat bull shit that leads to a nice long ride in a compact car. What's you'll really like is that it doesn't take too long to get down to business in this very exposed car. In just a few minutes she's feverishly sucking cock while cars drive by on the express way - and no, the windows are not tinted! Our stud doesn't last too long, and before you know it, he's spurting on some nice large brown melons.

    Finally, I love the Latina named Kenya. The scene is very lite on action, yet her body and overall persona makes it quite clear as to why I like mature women so much. Quite the firecracker men. All of these sites have done an excellent job in showcasing all kinds of women. The only ethniticity that's lacking is Asian, and I'm very sad to see that.

    As I've said before, the pics here are good, but the clips are better. If you don't mind a site that's fresh in content and a little bit easier on the hardcore than this should make you very happy. Let me remind you that in addition to this site you'll also be treated to a few more - and they're good too. Read on to find out why......

    Great stuff and you really can't go wrong. You won't get any real hardcore mature women here, but you will get some extra sites. Sites like the world famous Bang Bus, the ever changing Boob Squad, the incredible Real Butts, and of course the mandatory Back Room Facials. All of these sites cost a total price of $24.95. You can't beat it. Really, you're a sucker if you pass it up.

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    (Added: 09-23-2002 User Waffle Man )

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